The Foundation for Infant Loss offers training to HR Professionals in Pregnancy and Infant Loss.

Recent media coverage suggests that Employers are not supportive of Employees following a pregnancy or infant loss (May 2018)

The coverage advises that more than three-quarters (79%) of respondents state that their employer does not offer or provide any internal or external bereavement support upon the return to work following the death of a baby.

Our Aims:

Our aim is for headlines such as these to be a thing of the past:

Bereaved parents ‘let down at work by lack of support’ (BBC)

“Parents Devastated By The Death Of Their Baby Are Being Let Down By Employer”In the worst cases, bereaved parents have faced dismissal due to absence from work after their baby died” (The Daily Mail)

We aim to do so by delivering the following:

Providing a comprehensive, accredited and online training programme for Employers, which is especially beneficial for HR Directors and personnel management. We also offer in house, face to face training.

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