Urns for Infants

After suffering the loss of a child, many parents choose to keep the ashes of their loved one close by. The right container – be that a classic urn or a small wooden ashes casket – can be a comfort in the years to come.

For a wide selection of many different, and beautiful, ash containers designed especially for infants’ ashes, we can recommend the range at Urns UK.

There, you can find options suitable for a range of budgets and requirements. The selection of children and infants’ ash containers includes engraved brass, resin and aluminium urns, as well as wooden caskets in a variety of patterns and designs. The site delivers swiftly to locations all over the UK.

If you are not looking for a traditional urn or casket, there are other options available:

  • A sharing urn: A smaller container, ideal for when you would like to share ashes between different family members, or scatter some ashes in a special location and keep a small amount at home.
  • Keepsakes, or cremation jewellery: An item of jewellery designed to subtly hold a small amount of ashes. For example, ashes can be kept in a pendant, or carefully combined into a bead made of glass. Some parents find it comforting to keep ashes close by in this discreet way.
  • Biodegradable urns and caskets: These ash containers are designed to break down once buried in the ground, or placed in water, such as in a sea or river ceremony. Made of wood, clay, plant materials, sand or salt, they will decompose within a short period of time, becoming part of nature.

If you would like to find out more, you can visit the Urns UK site here: https://www.urnsuk.com/

You can also contact the team at Urns UK for support and advice when making your choice: email them at info@urnsuk.com, or call on 0844 818 1107