The loss of an infant or child is something no parent should ever have to experience. At Shaw’s Funeral Products we hope that we can help parents who are bereaved in this way to create a lasting memorial to their child, to be an eternal source of comfort.

We offer a stunning range of remembrance items to fittingly and beautifully commemorate the life of a much-loved baby or child, including ornamental urns, ash keepsake pendants and ash tubes for green burial and scattering.

Our high-quality urns and keepsake jewellery offer the ideal means of cherishing the ashes of your child in your home or on your person, a tangible keepsake to contain special memories and to offer comfort to you in the days to come.

All of our infant remembrance items have been designed to express the very essence of childhood, using motifs of innocence and play. Feathers, teddy bears, moons and stars, butterflies and footprints are some of the meaningful images which appear throughout the collection, while baby pink, baby blue and pale yellow are prominent colours.

Varying capacities (miniature keepsake size up to adult size 3.5L) and styles make it possible to find an appropriate option for your loved one.

Our ash tubes can be used for green burial or scattering ashes in a meaningful location – or indeed for keeping in the home as a keepsake.

Finally, our beautifully handcrafted and hallmarked sterling silver ash keepsake pendants are unrecognisable as ash-holding pendants, and enable you to keep your loved one close to your heart at all times.

In addition to the specially designed infant ranges outlined above, the wider collection from Shaw’s Funeral Products offers further and extensive choice ranging from small candleholder keepsake urns to stunning urns for display in the home.

Our whole collection is available to view on our website, or on the downloadable brochure. If you prefer to browse a hard-copy brochure, please do request one and we will send it by return.

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