We work with Aspiring Midwife Study Days in providing Aspiring Midwifes, the chance to have a taster session in Bereavement Midwifery.

The Aspiring Midwives offer a super day giving you tips and hints so that you can get that dream place at University to study Midwifery. They also offer a question and answer session with a “real life” student midwife!

For more information about Aspiring Midwife Study Days please email: aspiringmidwife@outlook.com

Details from our friends at Aspiring Midwife Training:

We are a mixture of Midwifery professionals and midwifery students currently studying a Midwifery Course at University who have designed a super study day for “Aspiring Midwives”.

We all know how difficult it can be to gain a place at University to study (the best job in the world) Midwifery. So we are here to help. We offer various UK dates in the Autumn term only each year. We provide certification on the day – which is very beneficial to mention on the personal statement and at interview.

We will also have a super student midwife speaker who will be able to give you a great insight into: the application process, what universities are looking for, what happens on the assessment day and what are the interview questions like?!!.

We offer a question and answer session in this respect so get your thinking caps on!

In summary: our study days will cover:

  • A university lecturer and Student midwife to give you hints and tips to ensure you give the application a great shot and how to best increase your chances – hear it from the horses mouth!
  • Advice on personal statement, interview. work experience and what to swot up on
  • Midwifery seminars will follow: Why Midwifery? Types of Midwifery, Midwifery in the UK “Taster sessions” in some of the subjects listed below: Breastfeeding is best!, Empowering Women, Caesarian Section, Hynobirthing, Baby Safety, Bereavement Midwifery, Taking care of Mum: Postnatal Depression, pregnancy complications.

As you can see we have a super study day for you! It is £45 for the day and as mentioned certification is issued on the day. We run sessions in the Autumn of each year only and we do LIMIT places so please do not miss out and email us on aspiringmidwife@outlook.com

We promise you a informed, relaxed and highly enjoyable day with us. Let us help you get that dream place at University.